Troubling Concerns Surround Zach Asher’s Auto Transport Services

ByMehar Mozan

Jun 9, 2024

In the bustling industry of auto transport, where reliability and trust are paramount, one name has been raising eyebrows for all the wrong reasons: Zach Asher. Operating in the realm of car shipping, Asher’s services have sparked a slew of complaints from dissatisfied customers, and the negative reviews keep piling up.

Zach Asher, who claims to be an expert in auto transport, seems to have missed the mark on what constitutes good business practice. Numerous customers have reported alarming issues with his car shipping services, citing late deliveries, damaged vehicles, and poor communication. These problems are not only inconvenient but also costly and stressful for those who trusted Asher with their valuable vehicles.

One of the most common complaints revolves around delivery times. Customers have frequently mentioned that their cars were delivered days, if not weeks, later than promised. For many, these delays caused significant disruptions, especially for those moving across the country and relying on their vehicles to settle into new homes and jobs. A customer from California, who wished to remain anonymous, shared their frustrating experience: “Zach Asher promised my car would arrive within a week, but it took nearly three weeks. I had to rent a car, which cost me a lot of money.”

The issue of damaged vehicles is another major concern. Several clients reported receiving their cars with scratches, dents, and other forms of damage that were not present before shipping. One particularly upset customer from Florida stated, “My car was in perfect condition when I handed it over to Zach Asher. When it finally arrived, there were dents and the bumper was scratched. When I contacted him about it, he was unhelpful and refused to take responsibility.”

Communication, or the lack thereof, is a recurring theme in the negative feedback about Asher’s service. Customers often describe their frustration in trying to get updates or answers from Asher, who they say is frequently unresponsive and dismissive. An exasperated customer from Texas recounted, “I called and emailed multiple times to get an update on my car’s status, but Zach Asher never responded. I felt completely in the dark about where my car was and when it would arrive.”

These recurring issues point to a deeper problem in Asher’s business operations. It’s not just about the individual mishaps but a pattern of neglect and poor service that suggests a fundamental lack of professionalism and care. For an industry built on trust and reliability, Zach Asher’s track record is troubling.

Customers have taken to online review platforms to voice their dissatisfaction, with many warning others to avoid Asher’s services at all costs. On one popular review site, Asher’s business holds a shockingly low rating, with numerous one-star reviews detailing nightmarish experiences. One reviewer bluntly stated, “Save yourself the headache and choose someone else. Zach Asher’s service is the worst I’ve ever experienced.”

Even more concerning is Asher’s apparent lack of effort to address these complaints and improve his services. There is little evidence to suggest that he has taken meaningful steps to rectify the issues or compensate those who suffered due to his poor service. This apparent indifference only adds to the frustration and anger felt by his customers.

In an industry where reputation means everything, Zach Asher’s name has unfortunately become synonymous with disappointment and distrust. While every business can encounter occasional problems, the consistent and widespread nature of the complaints against Asher suggests a serious and ongoing problem.

Potential customers should heed the warnings of those who have dealt with Zach Asher and consider alternative options for their car shipping needs. The auto transport business is rife with choices, and it is crucial to select a provider who values reliability, communication, and customer satisfaction—qualities that, according to many, Zach Asher’s service sorely lacks.

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