Laura Marie Holtzmann: A Journey of Faith, Compassion, and Philanthropy

ByMehar Mozan

Jun 10, 2024

Early Life and Family Background

Laura Marie Holtzmann was born on April 5, 1968, in St. Louis, Missouri, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and rich history. She is the daughter of Joyce Meyer, a highly esteemed evangelist and author, and Dave Meyer, a dedicated veteran who served in the United States Army. Laura was the firstborn among her siblings, marking the beginning of a journey filled with purpose and faith. Growing up, Laura was immersed in a deeply religious household, which molded her into the empathetic and compassionate individual she is today.

A Life of Faith and Compassion

Laura’s upbringing by Joyce and Dave Meyer instilled in her the importance of faith, love, and hope. These core values shaped her into a person dedicated to serving others. Her parents’ unwavering dedication to their faith and ministry deeply influenced Laura’s perspective on life, emphasizing the significance of spreading positivity and offering support to those in need.

Involvement in Joyce Meyer Ministries

Within Joyce Meyer Ministries, Laura’s impact is undeniable. She plays a crucial role behind the scenes, using her organizational skills and big heart to fuel the ministry’s efforts. One of her significant contributions is her involvement in the “Hands of Hope” outreach program. Through this initiative, Laura reaches out to those in need, offering support and comfort in times of crisis. Her work extends beyond mere action; it reflects her core values and essence, serving as a lifeline to those facing adversity.

Personal Life and Marriage

In the summer of 1985, Laura experienced a pivotal moment in her life when she embarked on a blind date that would change her trajectory forever. It was during this encounter that she crossed paths with Douglas Holtzmann Sr., igniting a spark that would culminate in a beautiful marriage in 1987. Together, Laura and Douglas have nurtured a loving family comprising four cherished children: Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II, Austin Taylor, Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch, and Emily (Holtzmann) Wood.

Dedication to Family and Privacy

Despite her involvement in Joyce Meyer Ministries, Laura cherishes her privacy and values a quieter, family-focused life. She finds solace in moments shared with her loved ones, who serve as her steadfast support system. Laura’s commitment to her family and her faith exemplifies the importance of prioritizing family bonds and steadfastly upholding one’s beliefs.

Contributions to Philanthropy

Laura’s dedication to philanthropy is evident through her active participation in charitable initiatives. As part of the “Hands of Hope” program, Laura exemplifies the virtues of compassion and service ingrained in her since childhood. The broad scope of the initiative, offering aid to individuals impacted by crises in regions like Asia and Africa, highlights Laura’s dedication to bringing about positive change on a global level. Her selfless dedication serves as an inspiration, sparking a ripple of kindness and compassion wherever she goes.

Legacy and Impact

Although Laura Marie Holtzmann may not actively pursue the spotlight like her mother, her impact remains profound. She embodies the legacy of faith, compassion, and resilience passed down by her parents. Whether through her deeds or her mere existence, Laura serves as a testament to the notion that one’s value isn’t measured by social media metrics but by the richness of character and steadfast integrity.

Physical Features and Personal Attributes

Laura Marie Holtzmann is known for her hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and slim physique. Standing at approximately 5 feet 7 inches and weighing around 55-60 kg, she presents a graceful and composed appearance. Despite her public presence, Laura values her privacy and leads a life away from the public eye, focusing on her family and the aspects that hold the most significance to her.

Influence of Faith

Laura’s upbringing in a household grounded in faith profoundly influenced her. The principles of compassion, forgiveness, and perseverance weren’t merely theoretical ideas but core values that shaped her perspective on life. While her mother’s ministry played a significant role in introducing her to these beliefs, Laura’s journey of faith evolved into a deeply personal one as she grew older.

Siblings and Family Support System

Laura Marie Holtzmann was raised alongside her two brothers and a sister in a closely-knit family deeply involved in their mother’s ministries. Her brother, David L. Meyer, became a pastor and eventually rose to the position of CEO at Hand of Hope Outreach. Her sister, Sandra Ellen McCollom, serves as a pastor at Living Word Church and imparts her insights and wisdom through the written word. The youngest brother, Daniel Meyer, leads as the CEO of the U.S. Operations of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Together, Laura and her siblings form the bedrock of their mother’s ministry, each contributing their unique talents and perspectives to enhance its reach and impact.


Laura Marie Holtzmann’s life is a testament to the power of faith, compassion, and dedication to serving others. Her upbringing in a deeply religious household, combined with her active involvement in Joyce Meyer Ministries, has shaped her into a beacon of empathy and support. Through her work with the “Hands of Hope” outreach program and her commitment to her family, Laura continues to make a profound impact on those around her, embodying the true spirit of Christian compassion and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

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