How to Maintain Oral Health: 5 Expert Tips from Dentists


Jul 1, 2024 #Oral health

Oral health is necessary to maintain an aesthetic smile. You can only sustain this healthy smile with excellent oral hygiene. Proper maintenance keeps your teeth and gums strong and free from oral diseases.

Taking proper care of your mouth through brushing and flossing is important, but there are many dental problems that require specialized solutions, so consulting an expert Plano Dental Implants Dentist can be beneficial.

How do we maintain oral hygiene?

Oral hygiene plays a greater role in improving your dental health. Individuals who require some oral hygiene tips can easily get them from an expert dentist at Pinnacle Dental in Plano. Here are the most common and effective tips to maintain oral hygiene:

  • Daily Brushing

We ask you to brush twice daily because it is the core foundation for maintaining excellent oral hygiene. However, the brushing technique also has a significant impact on oral hygiene.

According to dentists, the right brushing technique involves the use of a soft-bristled toothbrush with fluoride-based toothpaste. Also, don’t forget to clean the gaps and chewing surfaces.

  • Daily Flossing

Food may remain in the gaps between teeth after brushing; flossing is necessary to clear them. This helps to remove the plaque and food particles, if any.

Dentists suggest flossing twice a day. Traditional flossing may be quite difficult, but with modern means such as interdental brushes and water flossers, it has become a convenient way.

  • Tongue cleaning and mouthwash

Involving tongue cleaning and mouthwash in your daily routine can help sustain long-lasting oral health. Bacteria and germs are more likely to spread through the tongue. Therefore, it is necessary to clean your tongue daily and use mouthwash to rinse away bacteria and unpleasant smells.

Always choose an alcohol-free mouthwash and use it according to the instructions given on the label.

  • Adopt a healthy diet.

A healthy diet is beneficial not only for your physical health but also for your oral health. A healthy diet can contribute to oral hygiene by limiting the intake of sugary substances and junk food, which can lead to tooth decay.

Also, avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol can help maintain lasting dental health.

  • Regular dental check-ups

Even if you have oral problems, getting routine dental checkups is necessary. Dentists suggest that, aside from maintaining excellent dental hygiene, you should also go for dental checkups once every six months. This helps to quickly resolve any mouth-related issues.

Along with these general tips, there are many more that would help you sustain excellent oral health.


Oral hygiene is mandatory for everyone if they want to avoid oral diseases. You must not underestimate your dental health, because it can lead to severe gum problems and early tooth loss. To overcome these consequences, you should always follow your dental hygiene routine and go for dental checkups and examinations at least twice a year.

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