How to Get Free Hamster Kombat Tokens in 2024

ByMehar Mozan

Jul 8, 2024

Telegram-based games have become popular in recent years following the success of Notcoin, with Hamster Kombat, another similar project, starting to gain traction. Play-to-earn (P2E) games continue to grow within the crypto sector by offering utility and engagement to investors. Understanding how to earn these tokens can be highly rewarding for early participants.

What is Hamster Kombat?

With over 150 million players, Hamster Kombat is an innovative Telegram-based play-to-earn (P2E) game that combines tap-to-earn gameplay with company building to unlock cryptocurrency rewards.

The core of Hamster Kombat’s gameplay revolves around you (as a Hamster) taking the role of CEO at an exchange. Like with its predecessor, Notcoin, all players need to do is tap to make in-game decisions, which can then earn them coins. These coins can then be spent to achieve operational licenses, partnerships, and product upgrades which will help to increase the value of the exchange.

3 Ways to Earn Hamster Kombat Tokens: One of the main reasons why players gravitate to Hamster Kombat is a result of the multiple ways players can earn tokens. From playing the game to staking, there are different methods of accessing Hamster Kombat rewards. Let’s go through some of these below.

Earn HMSTR by playing the game

Essentially, the more frequently a player participates and excels at being CEO, the more Hamster Kombat coins they can accumulate. This reward mechanism encourages continuous engagement and eventual mastery of the game.

Earn HMSTR by completing missions and quests

In addition to regular gameplay, Hamster Kombat features an array of missions and quests that provide another avenue for earning in-game coins. These daily combo promotions are designed to test various aspects of a player’s strategic and decision-making skills, offering varying rewards upon completion. Players will receive opportunities to earn up to 5 million HAMSTER coins by simply choosing to invest in specific daily upgrades.

Each completed quest rewards players with Hamster Kombat tokens, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay loop. These missions change daily, meaning that players will need to log in to the game daily to keep abreast of changes.

Regularly checking and completing available missions and quests ensures that players maximize their opportunities to earn HMSTR tokens, which in turn boosts the platform’s usage rate, making this a critical component of the game’s earning potential.

Referral Program

A noteworthy feature of Hamster Kombat is its extensive referral network. Through your special referral link, you can invite friends and other players to join the game and get extra incentives. You get rewarded with a part of the winnings of each player you refer who interacts with the game and advances.

To take advantage of the referral program, use this link: Join Homster Kombat. Share it with your friends, social media followers, or anyone interested in play-to-earn games. As your network grows, so does your earning potential.

Follow the referral program: earn additional rewards by asking your friends, family, and colleagues to join the game. Complete in-game tasks to earn more coins: log in every day and use daily combo cards, upgrade your exchange every day, improve your mining skills, participate in special events, and complete cipher missions to receive significant bonuses. For example, the combo cards add 5 million coins to your in-game account, and cipher Morse codes add 1 million per day. We upload daily combo cards and Morse codes on our Telegram channel. Feel free to join our community.

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