How to Collect Customer Reviews Via WhatsApp?

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Jun 29, 2024

The WhatsApp Business app was then released in 2018 to help small businesses revolutionize how they could communicate with their customers. It is guaranteed to engage in a dialogue with owning customers, boost sales, and improve client support which would improve your users’ experience. 

 As today’s world relies heavily on the Internet, it is impossible to create the foundation for a strong community of customers and attract new ones without using their feedback. WhatsApp provides a perfect ground through which business entities can gather such beneficial reviews. 

The strategy that is beneficial by using the reach of WhatsApp users and its high activity rates to boost the position of the business online. Owing to the app’s vast database and a variety of interactive options, it is best to use its functions for customer feedback. 

Using instant messaging to directly reach out to customers is effective in building the trust of the customers and maintaining their loyalty while getting high open rates guarantee that the directed message will be opened by the intended recipient and further acted upon. 

However, another faster approach is to buy Google reviews for your business to get authentic reviews. This approach saves time, enhances business reputation, increases online visibility, and boosts the quality of reviews.

But, in this blog, we will focus on the benefits of collecting customer reviews via WhatsApp.   

Benefits Of Collecting Customer Reviews VIA WhatsApp

Recruiting customer reviews through the WhatsApp application makes it easy for many organizations to get real feedback and recommendations from their customers. Let’s see the advantages of collecting customer reviews via WhatsApp:

  • Direct Communication

You should use WhatsApp to deliver messages directly to your customers, creating a personal connection. 

For example, a small hotel restaurant requires customers to fill out a questionnaire after dining in. With WhatsApp, the waiter can directly approach customers without disturbing their dining experience. They might receive a better response and feedback.

  • High Engagement

WhatsApp messages are usually easy to reply to, grab the attention of recipients, and provide meaningful feedback to you.

Suppose a clothes business that sells clothes online uses WhatsApp to reach out to a customer. They may ask the buyer to rate the clothes they received and other details to know what they perceive about their product and keep them invested in their brand.

  • Convenience

Customers can easily convey their feedback through text or voice messages in WhatsApp, which can also be convenient for collecting more reviews.

A local restaurant uses its WhatsApp number and sends a message with a link to fill out a brief survey to customers after they have dined in. It is both convenient and respectful, which your guests will also like.

  • Automated Review Collection

Marketing businesses can compile the review on WhatsApp, but it is time-consuming. Thus, you can use the automated review collection feature to get feedback and send responses at a given time.

For instance, if a customer is shopping from an online website but abandons the cart during the checkout. The customer might receive an automated response to complete the checkout process on WhatsApp. 

How to Collect Customer Reviews via WhatsApp

Here are the easy steps for you to follow for collecting reviews via WhatsApp:

  • Step 1: Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account

Create a WhatsApp Business account to access business-centric features like automated messages and labels.

  • Step 2: Build a Customer Broadcast List

Compile a list of customer contacts who have opted in to receive messages from your business. This ensures compliance with WhatsApp’s policies.

  • Step 3: Prepare Your Google Review Link

Generate a direct link to your Google review page where customers can easily leave their feedback.

  • Step 4: Create A Review Request Message

Craft a personalized message requesting feedback. Example: “Hi Anshu, we’d love to hear about your recent experience with us! Please click here to leave a review: Google Review Link. Thank you!”

  • Step 5: Distribute Your Review Request

Send the review request message to your broadcast list. Personalize each message to increase engagement.

  • Step 6: Automate the Process

Use WhatsApp Business’s automation features to schedule review requests and reminders. This ensures a consistent flow of feedback.

  • Step 7: Follow Up

Monitor responses and follow up with customers to thank them for their reviews or address any concerns promptly.

How to Ensure Collecting Genuine Reviews

Whenever possible, a company should seek reviews from customers who have always been satisfied with its products.

To get ONLY genuine reviews, it is recommended that you target customers who have interacted positively with your business in the past.

Provide Excellent Service

It is important not to force customers to write reviews to make it more natural to get positive feedback.

Respond to Reviews

Customer feedback should be taken as received, and apposite reactions should be made to the positive and negative comments. This, in turn, shows that the company is keen on customer feedback and ensuring that customers’ opinions are heeded.


Using WhatsApp as a tool for gathering customer feedback not only promotes brand awareness but also effectively recommends firms and products to potential buyers. Supported by services such as Buyreviewz , which specializes in creating actual reviews, businesses can enhance their presence in the online world. Using these strategies ensures that the Google review page depicts the true attitudes of your clients, hence pulling people towards your business and making it successful.

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