How can UK Pilgrims Perform Umrah with Children?

ByGhulam Murtaza Khan

Jun 26, 2024
if you will perform this honourable act with your children from the UK, then this article is for you. Here, we will provide a thorough guide on how to do your Umrah with kids straightforwardly so that you will have a memorable experience.

Some Muslims from the UK strongly desire to perform Umrah. As a UK resident, arranging the Umrah journey may seem complex, but it’s not, specifically nowadays. He doesn’t require any age restrictions for its performance. Even children and infants are allowed inside the Grand Mosque for ritual performances. But being at the age of maturity and puberty is the key to a successful Umrah performance.

However, if you will perform this honourable act with your children from the UK, then this article is for you. Here, we will provide a thorough guide on how to do your Umrah with kids straightforwardly so that you will have a memorable experience.

Preparation is the Key:

Being prepared for everything can lead to a good experience, and you will be able to tackle every situation. Prepare your children for every aspect of the pilgrimage and journey, including physical, mental, and spiritual preparation. This includes educating the kids about Umrah rituals, their significance, and the environment in Mecca and Medina. Using online platforms can be an excellent resource for learning and engaging according to age.

Always Considering the Right Time:

Choosing the right time for pilgrimage matters a lot. What if you select the dates in the warmer months of Makkah? When travelling with children, you have to consider many factors, such as their ages, holidays, education, climate conditions, etc. Ensure that every family member is able to travel at the right time.

Health and Safety Measures:

Keep track of health and safety measures while travelling and when in Saudi Arabia. As children develop, they need more care for their health. Most pilgrims face health issues in Makkah. If you face any illness, consult with a healthcare provider or doctor. However, parents should pack essential and child-friendly medications.

For safety measures, you can pack your ID and your children’s. During the crowd, keep your loved ones close to you and maintain close contact with your children. A child safety harness can be helpful for toddlers who might wander off.

Pack Essentials for Children:

Packing essential items is the core part of any travel. When going for religious purposes, packing the important items is also necessary. You should wear comfortable and lightweight clothes according to the weather in Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget to include the children’s essentials like wipes, diapers, socks, medications, stroller, toys, etc. You can also include books or guides for children’s learning.

Select an Accommodation Package:

Accommodation is necessary to stay in Makkah and Madinah for your whole Umrah trip. Most UK-based travel agencies offer family-friendly Umrah packages all Inclusive with affordable accommodation. Here, it would be best if you catered the accommodation according to the needs of the children. Sometimes, Umrah packages also provide amenities such as infant cots and meal options suitable for children.

Tips for Fulfilling Umrah with Children

  • Keep patience with yourself and your children. Although unexpected hurdles and situations may occur, you should maintain a positive attitude. This will make your experience with children more rewarding.
  • Make this religious trip fun for your family. Pack some small toys, books, and quiet moments. Learn some basic Arabic phrases to communicate with others.
  • Manage your expectations and be realistic about what you can accomplish during Umrah with children. It’s expected that you will not be able to do everything correctly and ideally, but that’s okay. So, focus on your spiritual experience for your family.
  • Keep your Umrah short and sweet for your kids. Don’t try to do too much very soon. Break down each activity into smaller parts and make it more manageable.
  • Always take family-friendly accommodation and hire a tour guide if necessary. Travel agencies like Labbaik Hajj Umrah mostly do this when booking Umrah packages.


We have successfully discussed the essential tips for UK residents on how they can perform Umrah with children. This article will not only tell you how you can pilgrimage with kids but also give a way to make it more enjoyable and memorable. The key is to approach the pilgrimage with a proper mind-set and embrace the challenges of your spiritual journey. Foster it as a sense of adventure and discover new insights in the holy cities!

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