Hire a Developmental Editor: Nine Promising Ways They Can Help You


Jun 30, 2024

If you are reading this, it is likely that you have already written and refined your manuscript by yourself. Right now, you must be looking for ways to bring out the best in your work and wondering who can help you the most in the endeavor. A developmental editor may be the first professional to come to your mind.

A developmental editor is someone who looks beyond surface errors, such as issues with grammar and spelling mistakes. With the bigger picture in mind, these professionals can help you improve the structure of your book, enhance the flow, and do so much more.

If you are still not sure about hiring a developmental editor, here are a few reasons to consider.

1.      Consider Your Market Readiness

Before you think about the way the pacing of your book impacts the readers or the flow has an effect on the reader, the most important thing a developmental author can holistically help you with is determining the market readiness of your book.

Professional developmental editors pay separate attention to every factor that holds the potential to make your work stand out among the crowd. Their guidance can help you determine whether your work is ready to stand out among the competitors or not.

2.      Leverage Objective Feedback

While there is no harm in editing your work by yourself or asking your friends and family members to proofread your manuscript, you can never rely on their feedback to consider your book ready to be published.

If you are being honest with yourself, you can agree that people close to you can never be harsh while providing feedback. They may sugarcoat one detail or another to ensure that you stay encouraged on your writing journey.

On the contrary, things are quite different for the best when you hire a developmental editor for your manuscript. A professional editor does not have to worry about hurting your feelings while providing feedback. You can trust them to be objective and improve your work.

3.      Save Your Time

Rereading your manuscript again and again can not only be exhausting but also very time-consuming. You can use this time on better things, such as establishing your author’s website, promoting your book, and arranging book tours.

Things can be different when you let the developmental editor handle things. A developmental editor is an expert at identifying mistakes and managing the issues with the flow of your book. They can not only save your time but also lead your book to publishing.

4.      Add More Credibility

The touch of a professional can do wonders in enhancing the credibility of your book. This professionalism can be seen by the publishers and readers alike. It is a touch that even the most accomplished writers do not want to miss out on.

A well-edited manuscript is also more likely to be distinguished in the eyes of your target audience. This touch is very important, especially if you are a novice author trying to publish your book for the first time and creating an ever-lasting impact.

5.      Maintain Consistency

Maintaining consistency in your work is another key to winning the heart and trust of your audience. It can be a challenge for many authors, especially if they have no prior experience in publishing their books. If the tone and style of a book are not consistent, it can lose credibility in the eyes of the publishers and the readers as well.

If you struggle with maintaining consistency in your work, you can rely on the expertise of a developmental editor. A developmental editor can read through the details of your book to ensure that the reader stays engaged from cover to cover.

6.      Streamline Character Development

Characters are the backbone of any fiction work. You cannot expect to win over the hearts of the publishers or the audience if your book does not have strong characters. While every author does their best to streamline their characters, lending a helping hand from a professional developmental editor always works in your favor.

A developmental editor does more than maintain consistency in the physical features of your character. They study several important factors such as your character arcs, interaction, and motivations to identify plot holes, enhance conflict, and so much more. Each effort to enhance your manuscript can boost the engagement of your readers.

7.      Resonate with Your Audience

Another important way you can improve your manuscript with the help of a developmental editor is by ensuring that your work resonates with the interest of your audience. These professionals have an in-depth understanding of your audience and target audience. You can rely on them to boost your engagement score.

From the content of your book to the style, you can rely on a developmental editor to improve the way your audience interacts with your book. This way, a developmental audience can help you ensure that your book is well-received by your target audience.

8.      Fix the Structure

Every author wants to do their best to enhance the overall framework of their manuscript. Of course, structure and organization are important factors that cannot be overlooked. You can ask a developmental author for help in this regard.

A developmental author can help you organize chapters and sections of your book to ensure that all ideas progress smoothly. They ensure that there is no redundancy, that the ideas are streamlined effortlessly, and that your manuscript becomes easy to follow for the publishers and readers.

9.      Enhance Clarity

The clarity of your book also matters a lot in ensuring the interest of your target audience. It is another aspect that a developmental editor can help you with. Developmental editors are experts at helping authors maintain clarity and consistency in their manuscripts.

From identifying confusing passages to enhancing the understanding of your readers, you can rely on developmental editors to ensure that readers effectively grasp your concepts and their interest remains maintained from the first line of your book to the last one.


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