Advantages of online stores on Magento

ByMehar Mozan

May 30, 2024

E-commerce has been the fastest growing industry for several years now. Therefore, the desire of almost every company to create its own convenient, prestigious and profitable store is understandable. Today we will talk about the advantages of such a platform as Magento. Why do entrepreneurs around the world choose it and what is Magento migration service?

What is the Magento e-commerce platform

The main thing you need to know about this engine is that it was originally developed for creating online stores. This is not WordPress, which is a regular website builder and is ideal for regular websites. Magento is a powerful open source system. It offers enormous opportunities both for trading itself and for promotion, analytics, and adaptability:

● search engines are friendly to online stores on Magento, so promotion is easier than for sites on other engines;

● an excellent set of tools for analytics and marketing;

● convenient setup of payment and delivery modules;

● adaptability to different devices;

● support for a large number of languages.

The complexity of Magento is considered by many to be a disadvantage. If a beginner expects to understand, create and configure an online store on this CMS system in a couple of days, he will be disappointed. Working with open source requires professionals. But experienced businessmen see this not as a disadvantage, but rather as an advantage, because there are more functions, more possibilities.

Why businesses choose Magento for their online stores

Open source scares many people, but Magento is a flexible and user-friendly system with a convenient basic set of tools. In addition, the developers have created training that will help you navigate the diversity of this CMS. But let’s talk about the main advantages.


Experienced users of the system can independently manage their resources using the basic tools of the service. Expanding the catalog by adding new products, categories, filters, setting up promotions and discounts, and managing payment blocks allows you to expand your business quickly and efficiently.


The number of modules and extensions for websites is constantly growing. Magento Marketplace already has more than 3,000 modules for accounting, finance, sales, marketing, etc. The site owner can buy any product for his resource, but it must be installed and configured by a professional to ensure effective use and efficient operation.

Quality of work

To understand what is meant by this advantage, it is worth opening any store created on this CMS. Loading speed of all pages without exception, correct display of blocks, high quality of images that does not depend on the device – this is the quality of work and an important component of attracting customers.

But that’s not all. A new version has been released – Magento 2. This is a system with wider functionality. Online stores began to migrate en masse to a newer version, so its possibilities are truly limitless. The migration process is not very simple, and it is better to hire a professional to complete it.

If you are looking for an engine that will allow you to implement the most daring ideas in e-commerce, then Magento is definitely your CMS.

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