3D Logo Trends: What’s Hot in Modern Branding

ByMehar Mozan

Jul 1, 2024

Creating a solid brand identity is a must to stand out in the competitive markets. Without that, a brand may struggle to capture its market share. However, building a unique identity isn’t easy at all, especially for new brands.

If you have a strong branding strategy and an impressive logo, you can easily cut through the noise. When it comes to branding, nothing matters more than the brand logo, as it’s the face and visual identity of a brand. That’s why your brand logo must be unique, attractive, compelling, and memorable. And if you want all these qualities in your logos, try 3D logos.

Many people have recently started preferring 3D logos as they offer more benefits than traditional 2D emblems. If you have already decided to go with a 3D logo for your brand, this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss modern trends in 3D logo designs. Here they are!

3D Logo Trends for Branding

  1. Geometric Shapes

Geometric logos are timeless and more aesthetically pleasing compared to many other logotypes. Many well-known multinational organizations, including Microsoft, YouTube, Instagram, Nike, and Adidas, have geometric logos. Apart from multinational organizations, geometric logos are the favorite of many SMEs. You can also go with geometric logos for your branding.

Apart from offering other benefits, they are much easier to design. In fact, a novice designer can create a memorable 3D geometric logo within only a few moments using an online logo maker. Modern logo maker tools offer users built-in templates, shapes, icons, and other design elements to ease the logo design process.

  1. Animated Logos

3D animated logos are also getting popular in multiple business domains. Animated logos can help you easily communicate your message and unique selling propositions. Besides, if they are designed perfectly, they can evoke emotions and raise brand awareness.

Animated logos can quickly grasp attention compared to conventional static logos. Also, they can be tailored to specific events. These logos are great for tech, gaming, media, entertainment, and lifestyle brands.

  1. Mascots

Almost every big brand and sports team has its own mascots, which provide great assistance in branding efforts. A well-designed 3D mascot logo can bless your brand with a unique identity. Additionally, it can add depth and realism to your logo and engage a larger audience.

Moreover, mascot logos are more relatable and evoke certain emotions. They can also work as a marketing tool for a brand. For instance, they can be used in advertisements and social media campaigns. In short, mascot logos enhance brand recognition, increase visibility, build connections with the audience, and boost engagement.

  1. Layered Designs

Want to add depth to your brand logo? Then, layered logo designs are the best option you have. Perfectly designed layered logos can communicate brand values more effectively. You can capitalize on multiple layers to reflect your brand’s different aspects. That’s how you can make your logos memorable and engaging.

Layered designs also represent a futuristic approach and modernity. Also, you can design such logos with ease using a free logo maker. Use the built-in shapes, create multiple layers, and add the right colors to each layer, and you are good to go.

  1. Liquid Mercury

Liquid mercury logos exude a high-tech and futuristic vibe. Recently, they have become quite popular in the tech and entertainment industry. 3D liquid mercury logos are great for tech, digital media, entertainment, and luxury sectors. The shine and fluidity of mercury designs create a dynamic effect that captures people’s attention and enhances curiosity.

Liquid mercury logos can provide a memorable visual identity, helping brands stand out from the crowd and establish a unique identity.

Tips to Design Outstanding Logos

  • Research Competitors

Before anything else, you should research your competitors and analyze which type of logos they use. It can help you understand which type of logos can provide more benefits to you. However, don’t confine your research to local competitors. Analyze the logos of international competitors. They can give diversified logo design ideas to take your branding game to the next level.

  • Choose the Right Logotype

Analyzing your competitors can help you choose the right logotype. Remember that not all logotypes are suitable for all types of brands. That’s why select your logotype carefully. While choosing the logotype, consider your industry, targeted audience, and your brand’s unique selling propositions. Together, all these things can help you make the right call.

  • Understand Color Psychology

After selecting the logotype, the next step is to understand color psychology. Every color exudes a unique vibe and evokes certain emotions. Picking the wrong color palette can negatively impact your branding efforts. So, don’t select the color palette without understanding color psychology.


3D logos are generally more aesthetically pleasing, memorable, and great for branding. However, not every logotype is suitable for every brand. As a brand owner, you must analyze your brand, industry, and targeted audience before selecting the logotype. It can eventually help you quickly grasp people’s attention and raise brand awareness.

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