Top 10 Best Invoicing Software for Financial Advisors in 2024

In the finance world, you need a great deal of patience, wit, and determination to survive. To manage your work and collect payments seamlessly the first thing you need to do is have an online invoicing software. Thus, we have compiled a list of solutions that will come in handy.

1.Moon Invoice

First on our list is Moon Invoice. With 66+ catering invoice templates, report and estimate generation features, and time tracking features, you have all you need to make an everlasting impression on clients.

With 66+ financial advisor invoice templates, seamless payment integrations, and automated check-in features you can look forward to streamlined accounting for your financial advisory business.


  • Bronze Plan- 5.47 USD/Month
  • Silver Plan- 6.83 USD/Month
  • Gold Plan- 10.25 USD/Month

Free Trial for 7 Days! No Credit Card Required.

2. Invoicely

One of the best options if you are looking for a cheap and free tool, Invoicely offers the best automation and customization capabilities. Detailed reporting tools, invoice automation, and custom branding are added advantages of the tools. Moreover, you can even track time and expenses to always stay on top of your payroll accounting. Last but not least, you will get access to custom labels that will help you manage all data with ease.


  • Free Version
  • 10 USD/month

3. Wave Accounting

Wave accounting is ideal for financial advisors who are looking for flexible payment and billing solutions. Luckily, Wave helps you get paid quicker and with less hassles. You also get access to recurring payments and billing features and can integrate your solutions with multiple solutions.

The software is loved by financial advisors as it offers multiple free features. With ample flexibility on the plate, you can look forward to fulfilling multiple business demands. Last but not least, you can do tax calculations, brand your invoices, and look forward to improved scalability- all from a customizable dashboard.


20 USD/ month

4. AdvicePay

AdvicePay is claimed to be the best solution for financial advisors and planners. Thanks to its superlative features that cater to the likes of enterprises and startups alike. With flexible billing options, payment processing features, and RIA compliance, you can look forward to smooth financial management with AdvicePay.

You also get access to a fee calculator, personalized support, premium data security, and estimate generation features at minimal costs. All-in-all a win-win situation for all financial advisors.


10 USD/ month

5. Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks has been a known name in the industry. Over time the software has grown to serve both- small businesses and enterprises.

Not only do you get access to cloud-based options, but you can also scale it with ease and leverage its mobile app functionality. Wait, there is more to it! Superlative receipt generation features let you convert all expenses into accounting entries with ease. All while ensuring timely payments and seamless financial management.


15 USD/month to start

6. Invoice Ninja

An open-source tool for invoicing and billing, Invoice Ninja is unlike your bulky software. If you are also looking forward to a solution that lets you automate all core functions, then Invoice Ninja can be your pick. You can easily create estimates, and proposals, and turn them into customized invoices in just a few clicks.

As an added advantage you will be able to track time, send bulk invoices, and convert client hours in a single click. Last but not least, all these efforts will help you work on improving client communication and build a solid rapport with them.


  • Free Plan
  • 10 USD/ month

7. EBizCharge

The best part of this solution is its customized billing. You also get access to a customer-facing portal that lets your clients pay online. This way you get paid faster as your clients can pay via multiple modes. You can easily create custom invoices, set up a billing system, generate real-time reports, and keep a tab on all account payments from a single dashboard. With multiple automation features, you can be sure of offloading all your account-related burdens to the solution and heave a sigh of relief.


Custom quote

8. FreeAgent

One of the best financial invoice tools for financial planners, FreeAgent offers multiple customizable and affordable solutions. From billing to expense tracking and project management tools to email invoicing and report generation, you name it and the tool offers it.

You also get access to app support for Android and iOS platforms that lets you manage billing anytime and anywhere. You will also get access to attractive discounts and zero set-up fees. Last but not least, it is ideal for those advisors for whom flexibility is a cause of concern.


12 USD/month

9. AdvisorBOB

AdvisorBOB is one of the best invoicing software for financial advisors. It offers a great breather from legacy products and simplifies expense tracking and achieving financial goals. Easy-to-use interface and top-notch report generation features are an added advantage.

Wait, there is more to it! You can even analyze all bills and invoices to ensure all your bills are paid and payments collected. Last but not least, you get access to nearly all payment providers.


Custom quote

10. Squava

Squava is all about simplifying complex financial advisory tasks. It is an ideal choice for consultants looking forward to a massive boost in accuracy and efficiency. You can automate invoice creation, reduce risks of missed billings, and always ensure a smoother cash flow.

The platform lets you take action on two screens. Thus, making it easier to reconcile bank accounts and offering access for accountants. You can even track time and capture all expenses for seamless business functions.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best online invoicing software for financial advisors. We suggest using a solution that offers time-tracking facilitates, financial advisor invoice templates, and receipt making. Make sure to take a demo before finalizing a solution.

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